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User Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m missing a certain camera format. Can you include it in the next update?
Of course! Please contact us and we make sure it will be added. If you know the specifications you can also create a custom format by tapping the “+” in the format database.
Where are all the different ARRI Alexa models like the Mini oder the XT?
Since all Alexa models (except for the Alexa 65) use the same sensor, we’ve decided to unify all database entries under “Alexa” instead of making duplicate entries for the Classic, Plus, XT, Mini etc. Of course some shooting modes are not available on all models (e.g. Open Gate on the Classic), but all modes across the different models are available in Cadrage.
Is it necessary to calibrate the phone before using Cadrage?
iOS: We’ve pre-calibrated Cadrage on all supported Apple devices, so there is no need for calibration unless you bought the latest iPhone/iPad on the day of its release and it hasn’t been added yet.
Android: We noticed that almost all manufacturers provide inaccurate camera specifications, but you could use Cadrage without calibration and get a good approximate preview of your framing on most Android devices. We highly recommend calibration though for precise previews.
Can I use Cadrage on my iPad?
Cadrage works great on the iPad. It’s an universal app, that means you only have to purchase it once to use it on all of your iPhones and iPads.
Does Cadrage support anamorphic lenses?
Yes, it does. The use of anamorphic lenses is specified in the camera format itself. Tap and hold the camera format in the database until the “edit/delete” pop-up appears and select “edit”. In the second to last entry you can choose between using spherical, 1.33x, 1.5x or 2x anamorphic lenses. If you switch a lot between anamorphic and spherical shooting with the same camera format, it might make sense to create a duplicate of this format dedicated to anamorphic shooting.
Does Cadrage support the use of Metabones Speedbooster adapters?
Yes, Speedboosters are supported. You can select various adapters within the lens kit menu under “Lens Adapters”.
Where is the GPS data stored in my exported snapshots?
The GPS information is in the metadata (EXIF) of the .jpg files. On a Mac open the image with Preview. Go to Tools -> Show Inspector, then click on the “Info” button and there’s a GPS tab. On a PC right-click the image and select “Properties”. Click on the “Details” tab and scroll down to GPS.
Help, the app crashes! What can I do?
In case you run into any technical problems with the app, please try restarting your phone. This may sound simple, but it solves almost all problems. If this does not help, please get in touch with us before writing an angry review, we usually respond very quickly. Please also check your spam folder in case you haven’t heard back from us within 48 hours.