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    Director's Viewfinder

    Cadrage is a director’s viewfinder app for your iPhone/iPad. Plan your shots with precise framing previews of any professional camera/lens combination and make sure everybody is on the same page during prep and on set.

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If you work in film then you are probably familiar with traditional director’s viewfinders: They have been around for decades allowing the director and cinematographer to quickly frame shots without having to move the camera. This established tool is now taken to the next level with Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder.

Using the camera of your smartphone, Cadrage is able to accurately simulate the framing of any camera and lens setup. Preview shots instantly and get ready to shoot faster. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a film student, Cadrage assists you in getting the most out of your shooting day.



1. Select camera

1. Select camera

Choose from hundreds of professional camera formats (see full list) or create custom formats.

2. Setup lens kit

2. Setup lens kit

Use either prime or zoom lenses and pick your focal lengths.

3. Plan your shots

3. Plan your shots

Cadrage is now ready to show you the framing for each lens individually or in overview mode.

4. Save and share

4. Save and share

Save pictures and manage them within Cadrage or export them for use in storyboards.

  • The better way to

    Location Scout

    Cadrage is the app to bring to locations scouts and recces. Test out camera angles right on the spot and save time on the day of shooting.

  • All the data you need

    Every image is saved along with useful information: camera format, focal length, field of view, date/time, image title and compass bearing. Additionally GPS coordinates are saved as metadata (EXIF), which is great for outdoor location scouts. All this information is available in the built-in gallery of Cadrage and will also be attached to the bottom of the image when exporting. You can also create neat PDF shotlists and send them by email or upload them to your Dropbox.

    All the data you need

    Video Mode

    Shooting with dolly or steadicam? Record a video preview and work out camera movement and timing precisely. Even complex shots can be rehearsed on your phone now!

    Video Mode
  • What about

    Wide angle?

    Cadrage supports various lens attachments that expand the field of view of your phone. This allows you to preview lenses as wide as 12mm on Super 35mm. Check out this video to see how it works: